Backyard (Forestville, CA)

backyard forestville

Items available for WFFW: sorrel, chickweed, miner’s lettuce, radish, daikon, mushrooms, wild flowers, seaweed (dried)

How to order: Email Marianna Gardenhire, pastry/chef owner of Backyard at

F.E.E.D. Sonoma (Sebastopol, CA)


How to order: Join FEED at

Five Springs Farm (Petaluma, CA)

Five Springs

Check back soon for more information on how to order

Feral Heart Farm (Sonol, CA)

Feral Heart

How to order: Email

Gangsta Garden (Los Angeles, CA)

Gangsta Garden

How to order: Contact Ron Finley at

Kiss The Ground Garden (Venice, CA)

Kiss the Ground

Items available for WFFW: Mallow, lamb’s quarters, calendula, borage, cardoons

How to order: Contact garden manager Matt Finkelstein at

Live Oak Farm (Petaluma, CA)

Live Oak Farm

How to order: Contact farm manager Michael Scott

The Living Wild Project

Living Wild

Items available for WFFW: Ground manzanita berry sugar, ground toyon berry, oak nut flour, douglas fir tips, incense cedar for flavoring or drinks

How to order: Email Alicia Funk at

Marin Roots Farm (Marin County, CA)

Marin Roots

Items available for WFFW: Miner’s lettuce, chickweed, speckled wood sorrel, purple wood sorrel, radish flowers, thistle, rapini flower, meadfoam leaf and flower

How to order: Email Moira with quantities desired at

Morchella Wild Foods (San Francisco, CA)

Morchella Wild Foods

Items available for WFFW: maple blossoms, bracken fern, wild pea tendrils, miner’s lettuce, candy caps, three-cornered leeks, strawberry madrone, chrysanthemum, radish, mustard, nasturtium, cherry blossoms, chervil, oxalis, daylilies, new zealand spinach.

How to order: please call or text (415) 662-8721 or email

Sonoma County Herb Exchange (Sebastopol, CA)

Sonoma Herb Exchange

How to order: Contact Director BJ Avery with desired herbs at

Strong Arm Farm (Healdsburg, CA)

Strong Arm Farm

How to order: Email Heidi Hermann at

Tennyson High School Farm (Hayward, CA)

Tennyson High school farm

How to order: Contact Debbie Jelincic at

Top Leaf Farms / Farm the Roof (Oakland, CA)

Top Leaf Farms (2)

Items available for WFFW: Consult Top Leaf Farms’ Chef Order Sheet, as well as fava beans, pea shoots, mint, thyme, oregano, dandelion greens

How to order: Email Benjamin Fahrer at

If you are a farmer/forager or know of a farmer/forager not on this list from any region of the world who would like to be included, please reach out to